Two colours as a symbol for two qualities:
Wine consumers often expect red wines as full bodied and white wines as light and fresh.
But there are more abilities in the ´Kamptal wines´ than this. Therefore Matthias Hager has created his unique quality lines.


Is the colour of the deep blue sky and clear spring water reflecting it, symbol for cool refreshment, transparent energy, creativity, harmony, calmness.

According to Matthias´s quality line a blue screwcap on the bottle will lead you to fresh, lively and fruity wines. It includes the Grüner Veltliner, the Rhine Riezling, the white cuveé HIAS and the ´Gemischter Satz´(i.e. a mostly forgotten tradition of planting, harvesting and fermenting many different varieties of vitis vinifera together. Best is, try and find out). Drinking is recommended when the wine is young (up to four years in the bottle). The reward is a young, uncomplicated wine with the benefit of a continueing quality over the years.


Is the colour of the earth and the bark of many trees. It brings us down to the roots , relaxed, cosy and warm. Brown leaves are nutrition for new life and growth. Try smelling the earth, the bark, the leaves....

The brown line represents, for the conoisseurs, all those wines which unreveal their character by enjoying it slowly and preferably in dialogue with appropriate food and after some years of storage. Stored in each bottle is the climate and the soil of this site together with the vine´s attempt to produce aromas and flavours and, at last, the wine makers´ ability to keep them all in the wine and store them in each bottle you enjoy.Especially old vines will provide such wines, in less quantity than young vines, of course.
Selected vineyards on the ´Seeberg´ site apply.


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